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"Everyone thinks this resume is fantastic. I will hopefully have some referrals for you in the future. It occurred to me after our meeting how much whining, complaining and storytelling I was doing and how patient you were through all of that, so thank you."

Allison - Lebanon, IN

Business Operations and Logistics

"The services provided were exactly what we spoke about over the phone.

You were quick to communicate and didn't leave me wondering when I would get my product. I appreciate your hard work, positive attitude, and expertise.

I know that I will be a repeat client!

Tiffani - Indianapolis, IN

Digital Media Production

"I have an interview Monday with the company I wanted to work for.

Thank you so much for your work. I really like the resume,

and I really appreciate the work you did."

Reis - Indianapolis, IN

Architectural Design and Engineering

"It has been such a pleasure working with you. I really appreciate

your expertise, as well as the constant communication throughout the process

to produce a fantastic resume and cover letter.

I think the quality of the product/service I received was exceptional."

Heather - Dayton, OH

Medical Billing & Coding


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