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Technology’s Influence on a Candidate-Driven Market

As the job market has improved and unemployment has fallen, the “candidate-driven” market is intensified as candidates have more power (job options, negotiations, etc.) because there are more job opportunities. As a result, we’ve seen more progressive companies implementing personality and skills assessments into their hiring process and really buying into the idea of “hiring for potential.” I’m far from being an economist, but I think it’s interesting to look at the role technology has played in all of this.

Accessibility of Professional Development

Professional development is by no means a new topic for employers and employees alike, but in recent years, it has been taken to a new level. With technology providing us with various resources at the touch of fingers, candidates can gain new skills from anywhere with an internet connection. There are a number of online resources, like LinkedIn Learning, that offer training videos on a variety of topics. A quick Google search will provide a plethora of free sites to learn Microsoft Office, foreign languages, software development and so much more, many include mobile apps so you can learn on the go. Of course, employers may also use these resources for pre-employment assessment or to train their employees.

Social Media

This is a big one. Sites like Glassdoor allow professionals to submit feedback on current or previous employers. They can share insight on culture, work-life balance, pay/benefits, the interview process and more. This gives candidates insight into an organization before they even apply. This allows top talent to be more selective, while also allowing employers to see what employees are saying and what candidates want.

Social media has also provided a larger platform for entrepreneurs, which in turn has created more job opportunities. Something as simple as a tweet saying “Can anyone paint?” can lead to a business relationship between two professionals. LinkedIn unites entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations under one platform. Such resources contribute to candidates becoming more savvy and selective in their job search, and allowing them to establish a personal brand online.

The Future

From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, technology will continue to have an astronomical impact on the job market and the way employers think about recruitment, especially with Generation Z soon joining the workforce. Candidates can apply to jobs at the click of a button and go to work without ever meeting their team in-person. It will be interesting to see how employers adapt to this shift in the market and use technology to their advantage in 2019.



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