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3 Ways to Contribute to a Positive Work Environment

1. Establish values. Whether it’s Creativity, Teamwork or Customer Satisfaction, establishing core values sets the tone for an organization. These values are integral to the hiring process and help your organization hire new team members that align with, and promote, the core values. You must ensure that organizational leaders (supervisors, managers, etc.) have bought into the values because they will help ensure that employees are upholding the values on the daily basis.

2. Communicate clear and realistic goals and expectations. Setting individual goals that align with organizational goals will help employees feel like an important piece of a bigger picture, heightening their engagement, satisfaction and performance. When they know what is expected of them, it is more feasible for employees to hit milestones and achieve their goals. Set realistic goals so that employees can see the potential for success. You also want to include the employee in setting and tracking goals, and avoid micromanaging them. Most professionals desire some degree of autonomy and ownership that if you don’t give it to them, they’ll find another employer who will.

3. Create a comfortable space. Creating the proper set up for the talent in your industry can be the difference in having high turnover rates and employees that stay with the company until retirement. Studies have shown that our environment has a direct impact on our mood - perhaps this is why professionals on HGTV are stern about having a designated office space in their new beach front homes. We see many progressive companies with fully stocked break rooms, office spaces in modern designed buildings and large windows for natural lighting. Now, if these things aren’t within your budget, you can still take small steps like adding a Keurig to the breakroom, adding some art the walls or plants in the corners.

All of these tips are best implemented when you involve your employees. Consider some small-group sessions or employee surveys to learn from your team members how you could improve employee engagement and retention within your organization.

If you have any tips to share, please comment below.



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